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Graphite Crucible

The graphite crucible can be divided into normal graphite crucible, abnormal graphite crucible and high pure graphite crucible. The main material of graphite crucible is Crystalline natural graphite, so it keep natural graphite physical properties. The graphite crucibles

Carbon Fiber, Graphite Felt CFC Material

Carbon fiber, graphite felt CFC materials Widely used in industry like: Aerospace engineering, vacuum metallurgy, solar photovoltaic new energy system, new chemical material, electrical and electronics, automobile, translink etc. Main products are: 1. Carbon

Magnesia Ball

Magnesia Ball Light burned magnesia slagging ball, we also called Cinder ball (as mentioned below) and MgO Ball.Cinder Ball are made of Caustic Calcined Magnesite powder by balling under high pressure, which are a kind of products applied to a rotary melting furnace slag making.

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